The metafor Package

A Meta-Analysis Package for R

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   * [[plots:funnel_plot_with_trim_and_fill|funnel plot with trim and fill]]   * [[plots:funnel_plot_with_trim_and_fill|funnel plot with trim and fill]]
   * [[plots:funnel_plot_with_limit_estimate|funnel plot with limit estimate]]   * [[plots:funnel_plot_with_limit_estimate|funnel plot with limit estimate]]
-  * [[plots:meta_analytic_scatterplot|meta-analytic scatterplot]]+  * [[plots:meta_analytic_scatterplot|meta-analytic scatter plot]]
   * [[plots:plot_of_influence_diagnostics|plot of influence diagnostics]]   * [[plots:plot_of_influence_diagnostics|plot of influence diagnostics]]
   * [[plots:caterpillar_plot|caterpillar plot]]   * [[plots:caterpillar_plot|caterpillar plot]]
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