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 <code rsplus> <code rsplus>
-tmp <- capture.output(try(rma(yi, vi, verbose=TRUE,​ digits=5)))+tmp <- capture.output(rma(yi,​ vi, verbose=TRUE,​ digits=5))
 tmp <- tmp[grepl("​Iteration",​ tmp)] tmp <- tmp[grepl("​Iteration",​ tmp)]
 tau2s <- as.numeric(sapply(strsplit(tmp,​ "​="​),​ function(x) x[2])) tau2s <- as.numeric(sapply(strsplit(tmp,​ "​="​),​ function(x) x[2]))
-lls <- sapply(tau2s,​ function(x) logLik(rma(yi,​ vi, tau2=x)))+lls   ​<- sapply(tau2s,​ function(x) logLik(rma(yi,​ vi, tau2=x)))
 profile(res,​ xlim=c(0,​0.5)) profile(res,​ xlim=c(0,​0.5))
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