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A Meta-Analysis Package for R

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 ==== Data Preparation ==== ==== Data Preparation ====
-The data can be loaded with:+The data to be used for this example are stored in the dataset ''​dat.nielweise2007''​:
 <code rsplus> <code rsplus>
 library(metafor) library(metafor)
-dat <- get(data(dat.nielweise2007))+dat <- dat.nielweise2007
 dat dat
 </​code>​ </​code>​
-(by using ''​dat %%<%%- get(data(dat.nielweise2007))'',​ the dataset is copied into ''​dat'',​ which is a bit shorter and therefore easier to type). 
 <code output> <code output>
    ​study ​        ​author year ai n1i ci n2i    ​study ​        ​author year ai n1i ci n2i
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